2. Kenzie Cut outSisters Kay and Kenzie are the perfect balance of sassy and sweet.

Big sister Kay, battled leukemia much of her young life and has spent countless weeks at Children’s Hospital New Orleans receiving chemotherapy and other treatments.

Younger sister, Kenzie, was diagnosed at birth with a congenital heart defect and a heart murmur and has a multitude of serious allergies throughout her years.

Yet despite Kay’s grueling chemotherapy treatments and Kenzie’s numerous procedures, these two girls have remained steadfast in their support for each other and in their brave  fight to survive and thrive.

2. Kay 2

The girls’ mom, Cabrina, said it has been difficult for her and her husband Kevin to watch them suffer, but they have kept the faith. Cabrina said she draws her strength from her two daughters.

“The girls have complained little while enduring what many children will never have to experience,” Cabrina said.

2. Group photo

Like thousands of kids that Children’s Hospital serves each year, Kay and Kenzie need a support team of people to help them feel like they could conquer the world.

These strong sisters credit their “sidekicks” — their parents and family, doctors and nurses and of course one another — for supporting them throughout life’s challenges.

Cabrina said she credits the specialists, nurses, and therapists at Children’s Hospital for their support throughout the years.

“I am thankful for the love, care, and personal attention to both my daughters,” she said.

Like the true Superheroes they are, today, Kay has defeated leukemia and Kenzie lives courageously everyday with her allergies.2. Kenzie and KayJune 3 is National Cancer Survivor’s Day and we recognize Kay, and all the cancer survivors, and we applaud their courage and strength.

You too can join us in supporting the fight of all our brave Superheroes. Be a SIDEKICK.

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